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We now also offer a sponsorship program! Currently, we consider potential promoters based on follower count and engagement, as well as overall quality of the account and its relevance to our products.

If you think you might be a good candidate for a sponsorship, you are welcome to email us at with the following:

• Name (aliases are acceptable)
• URL/Username for the social media account(s) on which you would like to promote
• Follower Count (please provide screenshot if count is hidden)
• A brief explanation of why you think you should be accepted as a promoter

Program Details

• For the first sponsorship, promoters can choose any item under $30.
• You will be given a 10% off discount code of your choice to share with your followers.
• Once the item is received, you will have one month to make at least 4 sales. The number of sales is tracked by use of your discount code.
• If the number of sales is reached, you can choose another item for a second sponsorship! (And if the number of sales is high enough, more than one item!)
• If the number of sales is not reached, you will be welcome to contact us again in another month to be reconsidered for another sponsorship.
• As long as 4 sales is reached with each sponsorship, we can continue to sponsor you.

Due to time constraints, please understand that we will reply only to applicants whom we accept.

Please note that sponsorships may be cancelled if we deem it necessary.